Founder's story

I started the Ecoreach Foundation in 2014 after graduating in Development studies from La Trobe University, Australia. After few months, I got a scholarship from Belgium for my master’s degree at Ghent University.  In my absence, Rajani and Niraj had been very active to help my initiative in Nepal. After completing my masters degree in September 2017, I came  back to Nepal to resume my work for Ecoreach. Ecoreach is  a grassroots organization where the  work of our committed staff members and volunteers have already produced an impact in the impoverished communities.

Our model of development strategy is developing an entrepreneurship within a community. Ecoreach is focused on agriculture and nature resource conservation. Our projects emphasize  sustainable use of resources for improvement of Quality of Life among the communities. We prioritize the use of local knowledge and resources. We strive to teach valueble skills to community rather than providing material goods or money.

Volunteers are our most valueble asset. We use their skills in all aspects of operations. We try to have a positive impression on volunteers by adhering to their preferances in work assignments. Our catering and utilization of the volunteer talent pool has produce visible accomplishments in the communities we serve.

Our development model is very simple! We focus on the small benchmark achivements on the local level.  We believe developing enterneurship with the empasis on utilization of local knowledge and resources among communities can lead to sustainable development in Nepal.


Niranjan Phuyal

Ecoreach Foundation

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