Natural Disaster Management

Nepal is in a threat of multiple natural hazards. Flood, landslide and fire are frequent occurrence disasters and the country is prone to earthquake, being at a ridge of Tibetian and Indial Plates colliding each-other along with the Himalayan Region. The recent date has shown that the thunderstorm and the epidemics are becoming those disasters, which are killing the higher number of people in the recent days. Ecoreach Foundation aim to help effectively mitigate the impact of disasters in the country. Nepal has remained at the top 20th list of the most multi-hazard prone countries in the world. The country is ranked 4th, 11th and 30th in term of climate change, earthquake and flood risk respectively. Other disasters in Nepal are drought, storm, hailstorm, avalanches, cold-waves, forest fires and GLOF. Nepal poses in an average two death per disaster and one disaster per day.


  • Carry out study, research, survey and other related activities for disaster mitigation and preparedness.
  • Develop appropriate technology for disaster risk reduction and disseminate them to vulnerable communities.
  • Organize trainings, seminars, workshops, interactions, and exhibitions at national and international level on disaster risk mitigation and management.
  • Organize community level programs to enhance their coping capacity against disasters.
  • Work with concerned organizations, including the Government, and the affected people and institutions to manage and mitigate the risk of natural or other disasters. 
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