Natural Resources Management

Population growth and surging demand for agricultural land has put tremendous pressure on natural resources as people strive to meet their daily needs for food, shelter, and energy. Nepal has faced increasing pressure from communities and local and international businesses to exploit natural resources in the quest for economic growth. Ecoreach believes that such growth and conservation are not mutually exclusive—in fact, linking the two can have significant, mutually reinforcing benefits.


  • To Promoting broad participation, advocacy, and accountability as the pathway to better-managed natural resources.
  • To partner with local governments and communities to develop and implement the enabling policy and legislative frameworks required to devolve management authority and resource-use rights of the forest, fisheries, and wildlife sectors
    Combining local knowledge and the findings of environmental impact assessments.
  • To help to raise awareness of land-use activities that compromise the ecosystem and biodiversity. 
  • To employ training and incentives to redirect development into sustainable channels.
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